120 new homes at Lasswade Road, Eskbank in Midlothian

Jan 6, 2016

A Reporter for the Scottish Government has recently granted planning permission (subject to a legal agreement) for the development of around 120 new homes on land at Lasswade Road, Eskbank in Midlothian, to the south-east of Edinburgh.

Gladman promoted this site through the local development plan process and was successful in having the site allocated in the Proposed LDP for residential development. An application was made in 2014 to develop the site in order to ensure effective and early delivery of the Council’s house-building aims set out in its’ Proposed LDP. The Council declined to determine the application and an appeal was submitted to the Scottish Government.

The Reporter for the Scottish Government acknowledged the effectiveness and appropriateness of the site, that the scheme was compatible with the character of the surrounding area and that the overarching requirement of national and regional policy for a five-year supply of effective housing-land was one of the major determining factors. As Gladman had already demonstrated the appropriateness of the site through the successful promotion of the site into the Proposed LDP, the way was clear for the Reporter to allow the appeal without undermining the strategy of the Proposed LDP.

Subject to signing of the section 75 agreement to secure developer contributions in respect of education, transport infrastructure and affordable housing, the site will be marketed in early 2016 and development should commence shortly thereafter.


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