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Nov 28, 2016

Gladman Scotland was delighted to be given the opportunity to present at AgriScot 2016 on Wednesday 16th November to an audience of landowners, solicitors and agents. The seminar allowed the Gladman Scotland Land and Planning team (Comprising: Greg Limb, Catherine Wood, Michael Fletcher and Kenny McBrearty) to explain how a landowner can promote their land for housing, by navigating the planning system and the benefits of an open market sale to housebuilders.


A continuing theme throughout the AgriScot conference was the ever growing uncertainty caused by Brexit, and while agriculture is constantly under pressure, it’s reliance on EU subsidies has intensified this uncertainty. With an annual shortfall of 20,000 new homes being built in Scotland (the current Scottish Government targets for housing are 35,000 per annum), there is a shortfall of nearly 2,500 acres per annum of greenfield and brownfield land that is required to meet these targets in Scotland. Gladman reported that an area as small as 5 acres could unlock a multi-million-pound injection into a farming business, allowing it to invest in its other farming assets as well as diversifying their asset base, so that the business is better placed to deal with a more uncertain agricultural future.

The presentation closed with a question and answer session; a continuing theme throughout this was the misconception that to promote land through the planning system, a landowner can only make representations to the development plan on a 5-year cyclical basis. Gladman was keen to emphasise that none of the case studies presented to the audience had obtained a development plan allocation. Gladman Scotland pointed out that land can and should be proactively promoted through the planning system and through rigorous research and an analytical understanding of a local authority’s housing land supply, Gladman are able to identify and submit in principle planning applications for sites (normally within 4 months of signing a promotion agreement) which are suitable for early housing delivery. These robust and evidenced applications cost in excess of £200,000, (significantly more if the site is appealed), with all the promotion costs completely at Gladman Scotland’s cost and risk. Once planning permission has been secured, Gladman Scotland works with the landowner to offer the land for sale to a range of house builders through a competitive tender process, ensuring the landowner receives the true value of their asset.

Presenters: Greg Limb, Catherine Wood, Kenny McBrearty & Michael Fletcher


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