Gladman Scotland meet Kevin Stewart MSP, the Scottish Minister for Local Government and Housing

Mar 22, 2017

The 21st of March saw the planning team from Gladman Scotland meet Kevin Stewart MSP, the Scottish Minister for Local Government and Housing and John McNairney, the Scottish Chief Planner and Head of Planning and Architecture Division, for a round-table discussion.


The discussion covered a number of subjects, including planning education and careers, public engagement, consultation and Member training. The Minister and Chief Planner also discussed the ongoing planning reform agenda, and their desire to build on the 2006 reforms to see a step-change in the functioning of the planning system and a significant increase in delivery of housing and, more importantly, successful places. Both the Minister and the Chief Planner acknowledged that whilst there could be some parallels with recent changes in England, Scotland and the Scottish planning system are very different to the situation south of the border, and they would endeavour to take care in their reforms to avoid any similar issues.   

The Minister also touched on the government’s commitment to delivering 50,000 affordable homes in this parliamentary term as well as his desire to see closer links between community and spatial planning. He also wished to see better public engagement with, and support for, the planning process and the plan-led system which should in turn lead to more and better decisions being made locally, by Members and Authorities, to deliver the priorities of the government and local authorities.

The Minister finished the evening with a brief tour of the Parliament buildings. Our thanks to the Minister and Mr McNairney for their time.  




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