Barton Willmore Golf Day – Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club - 23rd June

Jul 3, 2017

With great pleasure, Gladman Scotland took part in the Barton Willmore Golf day at the Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club. The early start was made easier by the bacon and sausage sandwiches and teas and coffees in the clubhouse beforehand. This was a good opportunity to meet some of the other players and assess the competition. Many of the players were representing their companies, the majority of which were from the housebuilding and development industry.


Shortly after breakfast, the time had come to make our way to the tee box. The parade of golf buggies meandered through the carpark to the first tee. The order of the day had been drawn and the 3 Gladman members and the Barton Willmore representative were last to take to the tee. Usually, you would say ‘save the best ‘till last’ however in this instance, this was not the case. Richard Morgan, Michael Fletcher and Matthew Rose of Gladman Scotland along with Michael Ward of Barton Willmore, made up the highly competitive fourball.

The varying weather conditions and the numerous spectators on the first hole would have sparked fear through many golfers, however, the majority of the players thrived under this pressure and got their tee shots away down the fairway.

The holes were ticking over (thanks to the buggies) and the round was well underway. Whilst nobody from the group was setting the course alight, there were, in their rarity, moments of brilliance, in particular, Michael Ward’s birdie on the 12th hole. He found it difficult to keep the celebrations to himself after sinking the 20ft putt, but the occasion got the better of him and the cheers went up like winning the Masters on the final hole.

The course was very challenging. Thankfully, at the start of the day, we received extra golf balls courtesy of Barton Willmore. When the quality of golf wasn’t great, the company certainly made up for it.

Just as the sun started to come out, much to the delight of the wedding party at the 18th green, the round was coming to an end.

After the 18th hole, we headed to the restaurant where we were greeted with a lovely meal. Following the well-earned dinner, there was an opportunity to discuss the golf. As the day was coming to a close, it was time for the prizes, well done to the Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin, along with the top 3 competitors.

All in all, it was a brilliant day out. Thank you Barton Willmore for the invitation. 


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