Buccleuch Property Challenge

Sep 21, 2017

It was that time of the year again, where the estate of Drumlanrig was filled with the property industry’s finest, battling through mud, sweat, and tears, in the Buccleuch Property Challenge.

Throughout the years, Gladman has entered teams to compete in the challenge and this year was no exception, in fact, this year Gladman entered two teams.

The teams were, ‘Gladman Experienced’, made up of Michael Fletcher (2015 winner), Luke Garrett (2 previous entries) and George Saliagopoulos (newbie) and then ‘Gladman Youth’, Richard Morgan (2 previous entries), Simon Dean (2 previous entries) and Matthew Rose (1 previous entry).

Given the competitive nature of the two teams, in the office the build-up to the challenge was full of mind games and comments regarding the fitness of certain members, one thing is for sure though, neither team wanted to lose.

The time had come and the Challenge was upon us, there was not a chance the teams would be working together and the early preparations were very much team members only. With only checkpoints highlighted and no set route, it was down to the two teams to plan the route that they thought would be the best. The only way to know which route was best would be at the end.

As far as Gladman Youth were concerned, the morning did not get off to a good start when a team member, no names (Richard Morgan) had forgotten his electronic wristband, essentially the key to the checkpoints, prior to the race briefing. Safe to say, Richard’s warm-up was running back to the car to get it.

The start was upon us. Whilst the weather was looking favourable, there had been a lot of rain earlier that morning and also through the week, so it was guaranteed the course would be extremely muddy.

The day was made up of a lot of cycling, running, orienteering, mountain bike orienteering, kayaking, bike agility, river descent and an assault course. At only one point did the Gladman teams cross paths, raising suspicions of who was ahead and wasn’t.

The challenge was coming to a close and teams were starting to cross the finish line. As Gladman Youth crossed the line, including a little sprint finish between the team at the end, the first thought on the mind was ‘where is Gladman Experienced?’ With no sign of them, surely Gladman Youth had wrapped up the inter-Gladman competition. Time went by and there was still no sign of Gladman Experienced. In the meantime, Gladman Youth had managed to shower, get ready and have several cups of tea. As they stood by the finish line, the cut-off point had crept upon us, and yet, still no sign of Gladman Experienced.

"Gladman Youth"

Instead of sending the search party out, Gladman Youth could smell the BBQ, so decided they would better off checking that out and having some well-earned food. 

Finally, Gladman Experienced turned up, with some very glum looking faces. They soon perked up once they saw the BBQ on the go.

"Gladman Experienced"

The evening was drawing to an end and the results were in. Gladman Experienced finished in 35th and Gladman Youth, repeating their strong performance last year, finished a respectable 4th. The prizes were given to the top 3 teams in the Single and Mixed team categories. This was followed by a charity auction and raffle with some excellent prizes on offer.

Even with several weeks gone, Gladman Experienced still take the defeat to heart.

All in all, a fantastic day. Well done to all those taking part and those who finished in the medal positions. Thanks to Buccleuch Property for another excellent day. Most importantly, well done to everyone for raising money for charity. 


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