Housing Development in the Midst of Uncertainty Seminar

Feb 5, 2018

Gladman Scotland’s Seminar “Housing Development in the Midst of Planning Uncertainty” last week proved to be an excellent forum for an open and honest discussion on the many pertinent issues on our minds at present.

The seminar focussed on aspects of the Planning (Scotland) Bill that was of biggest concern and interest to members of the audience. The topics were then discussed in great detail with the panel. The panel shared a wealth of knowledge of both the Scottish, English and European planning systems, and was able to give very true and honest opinions of the new Planning Bill.

The call for evidence on the Planning (Scotland) Bill ended on Friday 2nd February and we hope that the seminar helped shape some responses to the Scottish Government.

Huge thank you to all our guests for joining us, and particularly our Panellists Pauline Mills, Nicola Woodward, Trevor Ivory, Raymond Dunn, Professor Greg Lloyd and our Panel Chair Sandy Telfer, as well as Michael Greig for their valued contributions.


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